July 21- Transpac class win on the Criminal Mischief!

We won our class in Transpac! By 3 minutes and 47 seconds! 

criminal transpac crew finish shot

Crew shot right after the finish at Hawaii Yacht Club. A 3 minute and 47 second class vicotry in one of the most competitive Transpac races in years! Super stoked! Sailed on the R/P 45 Criminal Mischief, in a 6-boat fleet. Our elapased time was 9 days, 8 hours and change.


Click here to read my full write-up for Sailing Anarchy


This was a hard fought and well-earned victory for the Cirminal Mischief crew. The whole crew worked together and worked hard. No one had any ego, everyone pitched in- packing kites, grinding, making each other coffee or a snack, you name it. We gelled as a team and endured a 9 day long dog fight with two Rodgers 46's, two J/125's and an Open 50. Every morning when the navigator Brendan came up to brief us on our position, the report was the same, "we're in a dead heat, guys. we have to push 100%." So we did. We had some sail issues, failures and other little problems but we dealt with all of them impressively well, losing almost no time. I'll be doing a full write up in the next couple of days, maybe after the awards this Thursday. 


Epic race with a great crew! Go the Criminal Mischief!

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